Other name: 풍선껌; Poongsungeom

Channel: tvN

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Plot Summary:

Set within the backdrop of a hospital and a radio station. People with different problems get together and become happier.

Articles for "Bubblegum"

  • Bubblegum: Episode 16 (Final)

    It’s time to say goodbye to our adorable little family, and this final episode wraps things up for everyone nicely. A bit too nicely, but at least we get closure on all of our couples. With the promise of a bright future filled with happiness and family, Bubblegum ends as it began — sweet, warm, and full of smiles and love.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 15

    Love makes fools of us all, but happiness makes us dorks. We’re close to the end of the road with our Bubblegum family, but there are still obstacles to overcome and ghosts to put to rest, because only then can they move into their happier tomorrows. I’m optimistic that our suffering, too, is at an end, so from now on…blue skies?

  • Bubblegum: Episode 14

    Memories are tricky – they shift and change, and sometimes even disappear. It’s strange to think that losing memories could make one a better person, but when those memories have caused a lifetime of pain, it can change things for the better when they’re gone. Life is full of unexpected blessings, and sometimes what looks like a loss can be the beginning of something wonderful.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 13

    We finally achieve some real breakthroughs in the impasse between Haeng-ah and Ri-hwan, with the administering of some much needed home truths, thanks to their friends

  • Bubblegum: Episode 12

    Sometimes the worst part of breaking up is living through the aftermath, and finding your new normal. You can use that time to wallow in your heartache, or you can try to do something to make your life better – it’s your choice. There’s no doubt that one course of action is healthier than the other, but does healthier necessarily mean happier?

  • Bubblegum: Episode 11

    It’s a change of pace today as we leave the problems and pains of the present behind, and step back in time to fill in some holes. We get more insight into the depth of Ri-hwan and Haeng-ah’s connection, and the full story makes you wonder how they can ever be apart, when all they see is each other. But their story is also Mom’s story. Although her memories are unravelling in the present, today, we find all of our answers in memories of the past.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 10

    Ri-hwan needs Haeng-ah more than ever as he sinks into a gloom. But need can quickly devolve into burden, and when that burden causes more harm than good, something must change.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 9

    Crisis has a way of bringing out people’s bests and worsts, sometimes at the same time. Get ready to have all your heartstrings pulled, as the shadows of foreboding gather around them all.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 8

    Ri-hwan lays his cards on the table about Haeng-ah, but good intentions are never enough, especially when his mom is driven by the fear of not just losing him, but losing herself.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 7

    It’s a night out for all of our players, with nearly everyone discovering new things about themselves and their relationships. Some decisions are made, feelings declared, and relationships cemented as people stop dancing around their emotions and decide to act on them.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 6

    Sometimes it’s easy to confuse dreams with reality, and realizing that you’ve been living your whole life blurring the lines between the two can be painful.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 5

    A lifelong friendship is a precious gift, and it’s not an easy thing to change. But when one person decides that friendship isn’t enough for them anymore, can you ever go back to just being buddies?

  • Bubblegum: Episode 4

    This show just gets better and better. Every character tugs at the heartstrings in a way that’s sweet yet melancholy, and we learn so much about each of them that our understanding of their motivations changes with every episode.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 3

    Sometimes a show is so charming that it’s impossible to pull away. Such is the case for Bubblegum, with its endearing friendships that have captured my heart. Dealing with the aftermath of a breakup is never easy, so it’s lucky that Haeng-ah is surrounded by people who care for her—if only she would let them help her instead of sitting alone with those building emotions.

  • Bubblegum: Episode 2

    Good news! We’ve decided to recap Bubblegum after all. I’m so taken with this show and it’s comfortable, languid tone, adorable friendship, and interesting cast of characters. In this second episode we learn more about Ri-hwan and Haeng-ah’s past and how it informs their present relationship…

  • Bubblegum: Episode 1

    So very sweet. TvN’s newest romantic comedy Bubblegum premiered earlier this week, introducing us to one delightful and adorable friendship between a guy who knows everything about the girl who keeps some secrets close to the vest. Even though these two may bicker as the day is long, they’re also best friends who deeply care for one another.

  • Bubblegum’s childhood friends become a couple

    I know, we’re all probably a little shellshocked from the last pair of best friends who took their sweet-ass time (7000 days, to be exact) to become lovers, but maybe this couple will have better luck igniting the spark at the right time? Posters are out for tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Bubblegum, starring Jung Ryeo-won and Lee Dong-wook as longtime friends who become something more.

  • "Bubble Gum" Lee Dong-wook, the weight of the drama

    Actor Lee Dong-wook is in the middle of the drama "Bubble Gum".With the final episode coming up soon, Lee Dong-wook plays a oriental doctor named Park Ri-hwan who is handsome and skilled.