Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap

Other name: 치즈 인 더 트랩

Channel: tvN

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2016

Plot Summary:

Based on the original webtoon with the same title by “Soon Ggi” which was published via “Naver Online” from 2010-July-07. This drama depicts the relationship between female university student Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) and her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin). Hong Seol is a hard-working student, who has returned to college after a long break. She works part-time due to her family’s poor background. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung is a senior at the college known as Mr. Perfect. He is good looking, gets good grades, athletic and has a kind personality, but he has a dark side…

Episodes: 16

Release Date: January 4 - February 23, 2016

Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00

Articles for "Cheese in the Trap"


    Something bad happens to Seol...

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 12

    Finally Baek In Ho infirms that he likes Seol ..

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 11

    "Cheese in the trap" is backkkkkk !!! XD XD XD

  • "Cheese in the trap" Preview Episode 9

    "At first I approach you because I think we're the same, but we're different"

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 8

    Is Jung the one who send Yong Gon to Seol? Who is the real Jung?

  • "Cheese in the trap" Preview Episode 7

    “Cheese in the trap” episode 6 has given me so much feeling as there was a hello from an enemy but a goodbye from a friend.

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 7

    Who is Yong Gon? What does he want from Seol? Will Inho play the piano again?

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 6

    It’s only episode 6 but there’re so much things happen and we meet a new character – Young Gon. Actually I really don’t know who he is and how he relates to Seol, and Jung (maybe). But from episode 6, I think there will be some secrets and events will be revealed.

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 5

    The drama begins with a very stressful situation as Jung catches Seol and Inha go home together. What will Jung do as he has told Seol to get away from Inha and Seol, will she keep her weird feeling about Jung? Will the couple continue to misunderstand each other? …

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 4

    It’s only episode 4 but the drama really knows how to get attention from the audience. Actually, I get a little heart attack at the end of episode 3 as Jung asks Seol if she could date him. Even if I know what’s going to happen, I can’t wait to see the next episode everytime I watch the drama. Park Hae Jin has done his best to make female audiences “heart attack” at his mysterious way of acting. It seems like “Jung” was made for Park Hae Jin.

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 3

    Episode 3 opens with Seol – who feels guilty for what she did to Jung. Jung (Park Hae Jin) has done a great job as he changes from warm to cold at the last episode but how about this episode? What will he do when Seol has so much trouble and difficulties as she is not at a good term with Bora, does all of the work of the presentation?

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 2

    What a difference a mere change in tone can make...gone are the eerie, mysterious ominous musical chords that director Lee Yeon-jeong had been using to imply that Jeong is a creepy little sneak who's up to no good. Granted, Jeong still smiles like a serial killer but it's hard to be mad at a guy who's so aggressively nice. Jeong even manages to act pushy in a way that doesn't seem all that pushy by ackowledging how he's being a tad too forward.

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 02

    What I like the most about this drama is: every situation is relatable and it makes me feel curious in every time I watch it. The actors and actresses are unique. Kim Go Eun has done the best of her and she is talented. She is unique and she’s not like any cutie cookie actress nowadays, she is unique, like I’ve said, she has her own style of acting and her own beauty.

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 1

    I wasn’t sure I would, given the excessive buzz and weighty expectations, which always seemed to me to be overblown, although maybe that’s because I wasn’t part of the webtoon’s fervent fanbase. But given that it didn’t have multiple drama versions or anime seasons or a particularly long history (the webtoon began running in 2010), I didn’t quite understand the volume of media noise about this show, or how Cheese in the Trap had drawn as much attention and scrutiny as franchises like Boys Before Flowers or Nodame Cantabile.

  • [Preview] "Cheese in the Trap"

    The ever increasing popularity of Korean webtoons within and outside of Korea means drama adaptations of them are becoming a standard. These shows are also bringing in new genres, such as "Incomplete Life", "Last", "Awl" and more. At the same time, romance remains a drama staple and therefore a genre adapted often. "Cheese in the Trap" is tvN's latest live-action adaptation of a popular romantic webtoon.


    Stars of "Cheese in the trap" have some surprises for you


    Since "Cheese in the trap" has received lots of love from the audience, we will find out what makes this series so hot :")


    The storm named "Cheese in the trap" has reached China.

  • "Cheese in the trap" casts show up their good teamwork relationship

    "Cheese in the trap" casts are having good relationship behind filming.

  • Kim Go Eun - "A Muse" of "Cheese in the trap"

    Since "Cheese in the trap" has been more and more popular during to its potential casts, let's find out more about Kim Go Eun - our Hong Seol.


    Inho is getting more and more dramatic,we all want to have by oursides a soulmate like Seol has