Other name: 디 데이; Di Dei

Channel: JTBC

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Plot Summary:

Four girls become roommates at a boarding school after failing their college entrance exams. The girls are to spend a year at the school, studying under grueling conditions to pass their exam next year. The girls find the harsh conditions at the school suffocating and attempt to adapt in different ways. Meanwhile, the girls begin to have visions of a past incident that occurred at the school. Fear soon engulfs the girls.

Articles for "D-Day"

  • D-Day: Episode 20 (Final)

    There are some things this show has done very well, and that has largely been in the cinematography and the cast.

  • D-Day: Episode 19

    In the aftermath of loss, Hye-sung proves his resilience as he faces more of Director Park’s ridiculous antics.

  • D-Day: Episode 18

    Do you hate sunshine, puppies, and happiness? Then this is the episode for you! Prepare your hankies, because there’s a lot of snot and tears to deal with as our heroes struggle with the pain of potentially losing someone near and dear.

  • D-Day: Episode 17

    Truly the job of doctor and firefighter requires a high standard of altruism and dedication which make them so respectable, but also vulnerable. Duty calls, but volunteer your life for others is never easy.

  • D-Day: Episode 16

    Ja Hyuk now is showing his true color. Such a dirty politician and ambitious just like the evil hospital director.

  • D-Day: Episode 15

    LHS had been called for the meeting, were the doctor must decide his future. Director, first issue with LHS was the JW’s surgery. Director stated that he had made the risk operating JW. LHS then asked if he was supposed to just leave him and wait till the boy will die, the other things that Director had addressed is PTSD and that he had performed the surgery while his hands were shaking and his mental situation was not stable.

  • D-Day: Episode 14

    For anyone who believes we don’t get enough of Director Park trying to ruin everything, this episode is for you! Wait, is there anyone who believes that?

  • D Day Episode 13

    It’s no surprise that Hye-sung returns to do his job, but it’s still a relief. Clearly, DMAT meant and did very little without his willingness and skill to address the worst case scenarios. Heartbroken and overall broken Hye-sung is hard to watch, and though we still see the remnants of the guilt, he’s now making a concerted effort to combat it.

  • D-Day: Episode 12

    This episode is all about the tears. So many tears. So. Many.

  • D-Day: Episode 11

    We knew we couldn’t leave Ddol-mi out for too long, and she couldn’t have come at a better time. But Ddol-mi’s return is marked by a dose of reality for our officially established DMAT ensemble. Saving lives, as noble and rewarding as it is, is not an everyday reality. The powers of this unfair world have no mercy, and sometimes determination and skill are simply not enough. Not the most uplifting of episodes, but a necessary one to remind us of the fleeting moments that feel like a lifetime.

  • D-Day: Episode 10

    We’ve officially hit the half-way mark, but I’m mostly left wondering how many times Director Park will keep trying to close the hospital before it sticks and in fact remains closed (is there a drinking game for this yet?). I’m not sure we’ll ever find out, especially since Hye-sung always seems to barge in and save the day at the last second (but not without paying for it on his end, of course).

  • D-Day: Episode 9

    More hospital politics and saving lives brought to you by Mirae Hospital. It’s more about resilience this time, as our ragtag Mirae crew goes to great extents to save a critical patient.

  • D-Day: Episode 8

    Just when you think that things might be looking up for our stalwart crew, everything falls to pieces. Again. And again. And again. There’s just no letting up for the Mirae Hospital team. How can you save a hospital full of patients on life-support without any power? Hye-sung will die trying to answer that question, apparently, and Woo-jin will be dragged into it whether he likes it or not, because Drama Law dictates that not even natural disasters can completely sever the bonds of a once-flourishing bromance.

  • D-Day: Episode 7

    Our disaster response team begins to come together thanks to the crafty work of our politician, who taps into different sources of motivation. For Director Park, it’s his success and his hospital’s stability. For the rest, it’s the lives of injured civilians.

  • D-Day: Episode 6

    The quest to “save everyone” is never ending as it’s discovered that Mirae Hospital is running out of resources faster than anticipated. It won’t be long before it will be another useless building instead of the fortress that it’s become, but until then, Hye-sung is still determined to do all he can for his patients, even if it means venturing out into the dangerous streets of the destroyed city.

  • D-Day: Episode 4

    Hye-sung only has one goal in mind: keep his patients alive. But it’s no easy route to Mirae Hospital, and not just because the roads are blocked. The emotional journey is also a struggle, as tensions run high and the desire to save everyone clashes against the realities of low supply versus high demand.

  • D-Day: Episode 3

    This is what I’ve been waiting for. Exhilarating and fast-paced with sudden moments of poignancy, our first look into the disaster’s aftermath gives us an excellent overview of the conflicts our disaster response team will be facing.

  • D-Day: Episode 2

    We’re introduced to our characters’ narratives, giving us some context for their eventual adaptation to the forthcoming disaster. The smaller personal moments with our characters gives us an idea of how their priorities may shift and which doctors will remain devoted to their mission to save lives.

  • D-Day Episode 1

    The anticipation for doomsday begins. I don’t expect D-Day to be super revolutionary, but I am intrigued by our characters and how they will converge in face of disaster. We’re given a proper introduction to our characters before the real doomsday hits, and I am pleasantly surprised at how likable and developed most of them are.