Five Fingers

Five Fingers

Other name: 다섯손가락

Channel: SBS

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Plot Summary:

In Ha is the son of a talented pianist who dreams of becoming the best pianist and take over the family’s musical instrument business. But when his father brings home an illegitimate son, Ji Ho, also a piano prodigy, and declares that he will be the heir to the family business, In Ha’s world is shattered. Then a fire in their home robs In Ha of a finger, crippling his musical dreams. Only one son can be the best and have it all – the company, the career and the girl. Which will it be?

Articles for "Five Fingers"

  • Five Fingers: Episode 30 (Final)

    I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that it’s taken way too long to finally bang out this beast. So without further adieu… LET’S LIGHT THIS PUPPY!

  • Five Fingers Episode 21

    Ji-ho struts into the conference room to the disbelieving faces of Yeong-rang and In-ha, and introduces himself to the Hanguk University Music Director as the President of Gloria Instruments. It’s all Yeong-rang could do to sputter out and ask Ji-ho if he is truly the representative for Gloria? In-ha says there’s no way Ji-ho could start up a company in his state!

  • Five Fingers: Episode 4

    This is how lax the Korean building codes were in 1998. What happens when your Rich Person Mansion was put together on the cheap with oily rags and balsa wood? THIS.

  • Five Fingers: Episode 3

    The old chestnut goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” It seems that for this drama, we also need to examine that saying from a man’s perspective as well.

  • Five Fingers: Episode 2

    Picking up from the last few minutes of Episode 1, In-ha is still crabbing about having to enter the piano competition with Ji-ho. I’m not going to repeat the narrative, but it ends up the same way it ended up — with everyone wet, scared, and prone on the floor. Kinda how I like my men!

  • Five Fingers: Episode 1

    I’m a little late to this makjang party, but thought it’d be fun to weigh in on the first episode of surprisingly ten-fingered Five Fingers, which is well into the first act of its run by now.

  • Eunjung quits Five Fingers in the wake of T-ara’s scandal

    So this is big news: With the T-ara scandal still going strong in K-poplandia, idol-actress Eunjung is quitting her new drama Five Fingers, which just premiered 3 days ago. Wow. I knew the brouhaha was causing lots of concern for T-ara’s members’ projects, but never did I think the drama would actually drop her over it.

  • Ji Chang-wook cast as villain in Five Fingers

    Joo Ji-hoon and Ji Chang-wook in one drama? Will the world implode from so much pretty? Ji Chang-wook, star of Bachelor’s Vegetable Store and Warrior Baek Dong-soo, has been cast in his first villain role to date, in the upcoming makjang-fest melodrama Five Fingers, starring Joo Ji-hoon. It actually seems like both are cast against type, which is all the more intriguing.