Glamorous Temptation

Glamorous Temptation

Other name: 화려한 유혹, Hwaryeohan Yoohok

Channel: MBC

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2015

Plot Summary:

Drama series follows 3 characters: a woman experiencing a harsh fate, a woman that is jealous of her and a man set out to get revenge.

Articles for "Glamorous Temptation"

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 16

    Speaking with a backbone, Eun Soo tells the assembled about the account book discrepancies; Eun Gang Gallery (Se Young) received 2 billion Won in funds from the Foundation (DH).

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 15

    PM goes on a rant about how Hyung woo and DH controlled Eun soo to hand the incriminating documents to the prosecutors, but Eun soo steps in to say that the act was done according to her will. While PM is in shock-ville, DH and Il Joo are in gloat-ville as they think that Eun soo will be the one to take the fall.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 14

    Eun Soo gets a picture text of Mi Rae from anonymous. She calls to find out the whereabouts of her daughter.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 13

    Il Joo is like an invader as she watches Hyung woo and Eun soo kiss passionately under their tree. Hyung woo comes clean with Eun soo for tapping her cell phone and following orders from PM Kang Seok Hyeon know her every move.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 12

    With the machinations of anonymous caller controlling Eun Soo like a puppet, she comes face-to-face with Hyung woo who is trailing her.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 11

    Il Joo fires that they call the lawyers instead of the police, but Il Ran defends Eun soo as she states that she got the glasses and the scarf for Eun soo; besides not everyone who wears a scarf and an eyeglass is her mother. PM enters the room to see what’s going on

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 9

    PM Kang corners Eun Soo who’s riffling through his books. He asks her what she’s trying to gain posing as a seductress and Cheong Mi. All Eun soo can utter is why did PM Kang kill her husband?

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 8

    Il Joo is beyond pissed that Hyung Woo is under Il Do and due to that she believes that he is the one who gave the tip about her briberies to the persecutors

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 7

    Moo Hyuk puts his wife to bed, but before he leaves, he gives her a kiss on the cheek. On his way out, Il Joo gets a call from her aide about Hyung woo’s fishy behavior; he took last year’s election materials plus the highly classified information.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 6

    Eun Soo runs out of the house just has she has a stare down with PM Kang and Il Joo and it seems that Il Joo doesn’t betray her emotion that Eun soo looks familiar.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 5

    Il Joo/Sang Yi (I will call her Il Joo in the present) weds President Gwon’s son, Gwon Moo Hyuk, who is beyond ecstatic to marry his crush.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 4

    Baddie and goons strunt the halls of the funeral home to pay their respect to Hyung woo’s dad. The media is in frenzy as they report that their beloved Congressman is dead due to the reports of his driver. However, his case is now closed by the prosecutor’s office.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 3

    Eun Soo’s feelings are already confirmed by a kiss from Hyung woo. He reassures her as he tells her not to let go of his hand. Baddie sees Hyung woo coming back home from his day and indirectly threatens Hyung woo’s dad.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 2

    (1999) On their way back from school, teenage Eun soo and Hyung woo hide from Hyung woo’s parents who are being driven home by Eun soo’s dad who is the family’s driver.

  • Glamorous Temptation Episode 1

    One thing that will make me stick this drama is the music. I love the dramatic, tensed and “Downton Abbey-esque” composition, so this drama might be up my alley. It is full of confusing plot, but not to the extent of you getting lost in between the drama. The confusion stems from why is this happening? What led to this particular issue and why are the characters speaking in cryptic code?