Imaginary Cat

Imaginary Cat

Other name:

Channel: MBC

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Plot Summary:

Drama 'Imaginary Cat' is based on the web-toon with the same title, which will be the first drama to tell the story of cats for the first time in Korea. A human and a cat, who have each one's own mental wound, live together and heal the wounds through co-habitation.

Articles for "Imaginary Cat"

  • Imaginary Cat: Episode 8

    When you know exactly that when someone appear in your life , it doen’t mean that they will follow you for the entire of your life journey, they appear in order to make you know how to desire your life , how meaningful it is. Then they leave, but not your feel about them.

  • Imaginary Cat: Episode 7

    I understand the feeling that you put so much effort for what you love, but your target does not understand that. Some time love make hurt, but is that worth to try for?

  • Imaginary Cat: Episode 6

    Our central mystery takes center stage this week as Jong-hyun and Na-woo both struggle with their hearts for their most favorite cat. Their new friendship will be put to the test—the more they learn, the easier it is to keep the other in the dark about their feelings (for the cat. Always for the cat.). So even though it’s tempting to ignore the truth, the thing about the truth is that it always finds its way out into the open.

  • Imaginary Cat: Episode 5

    Fun fact: Cats are common pets in all continents of the world, and their global population is difficult to ascertain, with estimates ranging from anywhere between 200 million to 600 million

  • Imaginary Cat: Episode 4

    This episode is about the deeply understand between couple Jong Hyun and Bok Gil without saying any words. The best friends know each other so well. So when an unforeseen obstacle threatens to interfere with his career, our hero will need his at and the ones around him to make it through.

  • Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

    Now that’s one grumpy cat. She may put up with her human who snuggles with her on occasion, but now there’s another girl who wants Jong-hyun’s attention. If that weren’t bad enough already, that same girl wants to shower her with love. What next? Buy her snacks and toys?

  • Imaginary Cat: Episode 2

    Others think you are grant a favour on them , but only cat feeders know the favour run in both side

  • Imaginary Cat: Episode 1

    Charming, adorable, and sweet. If you were wondering if the newest webtoon adaptation Imaginary Cat would deliver the cute, you were absolutely right. It serves up a dollop of cute and a hefty serving of smiles in its first few minutes, which means it won’t take long for you to fall in love with the grumpy cat and her equally stubborn human.

  • Yoo Seung-ho meets Imaginary Cat in first teaser

    This clip for Imaginary Cat isn’t much of a teaser at just 11 seconds long, but we do at least have Yoo Seung-ho (I Miss You) looking adorable and hugging a cat. I suppose it’ll do, for now.

  • Yoo Seung Ho reveals his ideal type

    Yoo Seung-ho revealed his ideal type on 2TV KBS show " Celebrity News"

  • Yoo Seung-ho and cat co-star at press conference for Imaginary Cat

    Okay, how in the world did they get that cat to go to a press conference??? My cat would NOT stand for that, not even a little. I mean, I could probably get him there, but someone would be losing an eye. Either that is the most well-behaved cat in the history of cats, or Yoo Seung-ho really does have some kind of magical powers. I’m willing to believe both are true, actually.

  • More cat cuddles for Yoo Seung-ho

    Turns out there’s no such thing as too many cute pictures of Yoo Seung-ho and cat. More stills, more teasers, and more cuddling are ahead for his new cable drama Imaginary Cat, about the healing relationship between cat and human. The short 8-episode drama, based on a webtoon of the same name, is about a webtoon artist who prefers his cat to other people. The cat will get a voice (played by Han Yeri), giving us a playful interpretation of the cat’s side of this quirky love story.