Reply 1988

Reply 1988

Other name: 응답하라 1988; Eungdabhara 1988

Channel: tvN

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Plot Summary:

Set in the year 1988 at a neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea. Five families live on the same alley road.

Articles for "Reply 1988"

  • Reply me 1988 Episode 20 (final)

    The True Reply , there is always something about the portrayal of youth , and beauty of youth , friendship and neighbor relationship , review something deep in our heart . That makes our charaters seem eighteen forever . However no matter we wish for or not , time is moving , people growing up , we have to say farewell.

  • Reply me 1988 Episode 19

    The drama is toward to its ending with the promised answers to be had. there is so much emotions left to feel with conflict. Half of me feel cheerful when our heroine reveals her heart, and another half crying for this . I know in modern life we miss so much thing that we used to have in past

  • Reply me 1988 Episode 18

    It's the little touches that makes all the difference in "Answer Me 1988". Pay close attention to the set design here. It looks like the characters are just hanging around in the same neighborhood and the same houses they were this entire time and yet somehow, everything looks a tad shinier. A tad cooler. Especially the characters themselves. Note how Taek very nearly appears cool and attractive now, even though he mostly acts the same. What's causing these changes? The haircuts? The beer? Or just...the nineties?

  • Reply me 1988 Episode 17

    The theme this episode is on pain, and how we recover from it. On the literal level it's just physical pain. Seong-gyoon is still smarting from his wound, and elsewhere other characters also deal with disabling accidents. But on the more powerful metaphorical level the main topic under discussion is emotional pain, as every potential romantic couple separates save for one. Then, one cute time slip montage later, we've jumped five years ahead to 1994.

  • Reply me 1988 Episode 16

    With this episode "Answer Me 1988" attempts to explain why its story, to the extent this drama has a story at all, moves so slowly and with so little apparent inertia.

  • Reply me 1988 Episode 15

    Story has never really been a strong point of "Answer Me 1988". There's very little conflict to speak of, and what conflict we do get tends to be solved without much aplomb.

  • Reply me 1988 Episode 14

    One of the nicer parts of "Answer Me 1988" is how incredibly even-handed the drama is with character focus. Part of this is probably just a necessity of production- if Deok-seon was actually the focus the way lead characters normally are I'd expect Hyeri would have collapsed from exhaustion due to overwork by now.

  • Reply me 1988 episode 13

    Bo-ra helpfully narrates the theme of this episode at the closing. This is fortunate, since until that point I was at a bit of a loss as to what the title card, a linguistic variation on the title of "Superman is Back" variety show, had to do with the episode proper.

  • Reply me 1988 episode 12

    The theme this episode is love- nothing too excessive. As usual "Answer Me 1988" is focused on the subtle nuances of living in a close community, and this manifests best in the exploration of the relationship between So-ra and Seon-woo.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 11

    Ah, Deok-seon. She's such a girl. Her friends too. I don't mean that as an insult- I'm just surprised watching "Answer Me 1988" and realizing how rare it is to see teenage girls on TV act like, well, like dumb teenage girls, in the same way that teenage boys can always be relied on to act like dumb teenage boys.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 10

    Similar to last episode, there's not so much plot here, especially in the first portion as "Answer Me 1988" sticks to situation comedy.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 9

    The first portion of this episode moves pretty slow. It's just a token variety of the usual simple character jokes and pop culture references that "Answer Me 1988" always uses as a placeholder.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 8

    The various plotlines in this episode don't really coalesce into a good overall theme. If you want to get really technical there are two story points involving a secret boyfriend and a secret girlfriend.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 7

    The main theme of this episode is about how to express love. The first half generally details the worst ways of doing this.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 6

    Taek (played by Park Bo-geum) is a Go prodigy who has been having a bit of a slump lately.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 5

    Even though the young characters are the main billed actors of "Answer Me 1988", I frequently get the feeling that it's the parents who are the real protagonists of the drama.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 4

    Deok-seon wants to go to university. Her family is ambivalent about this. Which is weird to see because in the modern day this desire is so utterly banal that it barely even counts as a desire.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 3

    The opening scenes are, rather innocently enough, about how girls like boys, but don't really know anything about them.

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 2

    Seong-gyoon (played by Kim Seong-gyoon) is kind of the goofy uncle in "Answer Me 1988".

  • Reply Me 1988 Episode 1

    The real unspoken hero of the "Answer Me" series has always been whoever is in charge of the background designs.

  • 'Reply 1988's Lee Dong Hwi confirmed he is dating with model Jung Ho Yeon

    'Reply 1988's Lee Dong Hwi (31) is officially in a relationship! He's confirmed to be dating model Jung Ho Yeon (22).

  • Ryu Jun Yeol Shares Photo of Cast Nearing End of Reply 1988

    On January 9, actor Ryu Jun Yeol of “Reply 1988” shared a photo on his Instagram with a comment saying, “Exchanging the excitement of our first meeting with regrets and longing. We loved, love, and will love each other.”