Sassy, Go Go

Sassy, Go Go

Other name: 발칙하게 고고, Balchikhage Gogo

Channel: KBS2

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Plot Summary:

This is a drama about a high school cheerleading squad. itdepicts the friendships and loves of youths, while dealing with a harsh educational environment that emphasizes competition. Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) is a popular amongst her school friends for her active and honest character. She is the leader of the cheer team and shines when she’s cheering but is intimidated by her status in the school as she is in the lowest of classes in a school where only the brainiest ones attend.

Articles for "Sassy, Go Go"

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 12 (Final)

    All of a sudden everyone is friends with everyone. From hating Soo Ah they all turn around and forgive everything she has done. It was weird how Soo Ah, from one of the most evil characters – a high school student that even tried to kill a fellow classmate becomes a martyr and wants to be punished for what she did.

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 11

    As old conflicts are put to rest, new ones crop up, and the cheerleading team may be in danger of missing regionals altogether. It’s not easy to balance school, friends, and home life, as all of our kids are beginning to realize. And what do you do when choosing your own happiness means taking away someone else’s dreams?

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 10

    Yeol because of protect Yeo Doon have an injury in his head . Will he lose his mind and foet everything? Looking forward to new episode 10

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 9

    - Hyo Sik sees the USB and watches it curiously, and he even shares it to his friends in the club. He might the person who spreads the video clip to everyone - Unluckily, on the title of the clip there is the name of Kang Yeo Doo, thus Soo Ah misunderstands that Yeo Doo is the person who upload the video, she is extremely angry

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 8

    I’ve got to admit I’m not sure what Sassy’s endgame is right now — but that isn’t a bad thing at all, because I’m loving every minute of the journey. Whatever, destination! Let’s just keep going like this forever! For four more episodes. Sob.

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 7

    Just when things seem about to calm down at school and Real King and Baek Ho are getting along, midterm season comes along to throw everyone into a tizzy. Things go pear-shaped when people act out of character from the stress, but new loyalties offer support from unexpected directions. Everyone seems to be changing, many for the better, but some definitely for the worse.

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 6

    This episode is really Teacher Yang’s. We already knew he was awesome, but he’s just soawesome. Struck by the worst possible allegations this hour, you certainly can’t blame him if he begins to wonder whether a quiet conscience is worth the price. But conscience offers its own consolations in the form of allies and friends. And where there’s a shining light like Yeon-doo, there’s a way.

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 5

    An assignment begins to blur the lines between Baek Ho and Real King, but things really start to fall apart when a school scandal threatens to go public. It creates the first real rift between Yeol and Yeon-doo, as they find themselves on opposite sides of an important question: When do you stay quiet to protect yourself, and when do you speak up to protect others?

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 3

    Yeon-doo has an important decision to make, and Yeol is determined to convince her to join the cheerleading team to protect his friend. But it won’t be so simple, as his skills of persuasion don’t seem to work on her. Meanwhile, the pressure for Soo-ah to succeed builds, and she proves that she’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if it means stepping on others to do it.

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 2

    Argh I love it, I really really do. It feels like a composite of the good bits of several past shows, a little bit Shut Up (bromance!), a little bit School/Angry Mom (those Tae-kwang/Bok-dong vibes!), a dash of White Christmas (elite boarding school), and even a hint of Heartstring.

  • Sassy, Go Go Episode 1

    A young girl walks onto a high school campus early in the morning, the building lighting up as if to greet her, and in voiceover she says that school has an air of youthful romance. The scene shifts to show her in study hall, laughing at the notice that academically, she’s one hundred ninety-sixth out of two hundred students. She thinks to herself, “Crazy bitch,” as her smile turns to tears.

  • All About ’Sassy, Go Go’

    Set at elite Sevit High School in Seoul, Sassy Go Go follows the lives of five students as they attempt to survive in a vicious academic environment that rewards the intelligent and wealthy and looks down on the less intellectually gifted.

  • Sassy, Go Go officially OST

    Dance School (Starting Now, Cheer Up / Sassy , Go Go ) is a story about youth around a cheerleader in high school and the competition between the members together. Kim Yoo Jung has been proposed for the role of Kang Yeon Doo , a member of the cheerleading team