Six Flying Dragons

Six Flying Dragons

Other name: 육룡이 나르샤, Yukryongi Nareusha

Channel: SBS

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2015

Plot Summary:

Period drama depicts the ambitions and success stories of 6 people with Lee Bang-Won as the central figure. Lee Bang-Won was the third king in the Joseon Dynasty. He helped his father King Taejo establish the Joseon Dynasty.

Articles for "Six Flying Dragons"

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 40

    Seem every member of "Six Flying Dragons" has their own secret , and put all effort to deal with it on international scale. it was only accidentally reveal when their conflict character meeting .

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 39

    Bang Won is willing to to anything to hold on the power, however, in this episode , there is younger dragons struggle to reconcile the increasingly cold and heartless Bang-Won of the present day with the young man whose first priority was always justice. Muhyul gets the first crack at that problem, and he barely has time to reminisce about they just made a deal with former enemies when an ethical conflict comes up. One where Bang Won doesn't even fell the need to pretend like he care about wanton bloodspill

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 38

    It's very tempting to just dismiss Bang-won's actions as being those of a crazy person. Unfortunately, what we're really seeing here is the culmination of a very slow burn. From the very beginning of "Six Flying Dragons" Bang-won has thought his way out of tough spots by acting generally impulsive and borderline psychotic. Back when the antagonists were more indisputably evil, this wasn't that big a problem. But here, Bang-won is using military force to subdue non-violent, principled scholars. The effects of this will be mixed at best.

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 37

    It is an fuitile effort of Bang Won when he tries to murder Mong Ju. In other word, this term of decision is fragile fall into wrong reason. Do-jeon's statement about how Bang-won has made his own unsavory place in the New Joseon plan was not intended as a compliment. Yet the farther away Bang-won gets from the original context, the easier it is for him to convince himself that he's just a guy making touch decisions.

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 36

    And so it falls to Bang -won to do the utterly unthinkable, if not for the fact that everyone else likely thought about it and just didn't want to admit t themselves. While people like his own father would rather choose to live in denial , our most ruthless young dragon chooses to make his own dreams a reality , even at great cost to himself and others. Especially others. No one ever thanks the garbage man.

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 35

    we’re given an epic lead-in to one of the most charged moments in Goryeo’s history, with Bang-won facing a terrible decision. Will he kill, or be killed? And if you know Bang-won, you already know the answer.

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 34

    According to the legal and protect Goryeo regime, Mong Ju has made himself become risking by chasing Do Jeon around to kill him , and eliminated the threat of intrepid dragon. Mong Ju is the most respected minister with no particular allegiance to secret societies, he is considered as Do Jeon's spiritual and intellectual competitor. That make Mong Ju betrayal the Dragon is especial hurt with Bang Won , he seem to never understand the big picture appraisal.

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 33

    This episode is ironic with Do Jeon extra-legal action in order to deal with the land reform issue. Why would they do that ? there are a lot of plotting and scheming but no physical action , it's just all about waiting

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 32

    If last episode belonged to our recently reformed but still hot-headed dragon, this one belongs to our usually even-tempered dragon, as he finally lets loose and shakes up the status quo. Jung Do-jeon is at his best when he’s not locked in a sitting position for scenes on end, and this hour is about unleashing him upon the world. Nameless better gird their loins and pray they won’t ever have to face the full force of their worst opponent’s might, but we get to wait for that confrontation with bated breath. Ah, the joys of being a viewer.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 31

    Bang-won faces one of his biggest and most important decisions yet, and it’s one he must face alone, even if it pits him against everything he once held dear. It’s hard to watch without wanting to just give him a hug, but it’s another great performance feather for Six Flying Dragons to put in its hat. Though it was hardly wanting for stellar acting before, episodes like this are always a welcome bonus.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 30

    Our most cunning young dragon devises an ingenious plan to lure the most secret of secret organizations out of hiding this episode, and by using their own vanity as a weapon, he’s able to poke a few good-sized holes through Nameless’ impenetrable facade. It’s an hour about looking to the future, of realizing one’s dreams and how to make them happen, even though we know in drama speak that when you plan for the future, you may as well be signing your own death warrant. Fate is a cruel mistress that way.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 29

    That’s the face of someone who’s met his match when it comes to swordsmanship, though there are plenty of surprises in store when it comes to exactly which uber talented and ultimately legendary swordsman has come knocking on our dragons’ door. More is revealed about Nameless, even if it still leaves us with more questions than answers. Actually, make that all questions, zero answers. But at least we have more of them? And more is usually a good thing.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 28

    The heroes start out by raiding a monastery that is actively being used as a place of worship, then we move on to the torture chamber where they're still trying to bloodily squeeze information out of a guy who just isn't talking.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 27

    Mong-ju (played by Kim Ee-seong) is the new primary villain of "Six Flying Dragons", and he's a pretty unsatisfying one. It's one thing to fight against guys who want to start unnecessary wars and force peasants into serfdom.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 26

    One frustrating fact quickly becomes clear in the aftermath of the massive battle- whoever's bankrolling this operation has enough clout to keep his identity from being discovered.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 25

    The first portion of the episode deals with the political power players sharing information and discussing political philosophy, until Do-jeon finally figures out what we knew from the beginning. Those guys hiding in the back room with axes aren't planning to liven the party up with a logsplitting demonstration.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 24

    Among Ryeon's more eccentric abilities is face reading. While this probably comes off as kind of gimmicky it's actually the most important thing Ryeon does this episode- once the dragons are able to regroup and pull victory out of nowhere all Ryeon is left with is the knowledge of what he's learned about the major players.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 23

    Ryeon (played by Jo Hee-bong) is the first villain in "Six Flying Dragons" who we can be sure has long-term staying power.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 22

    As expected, the big clamactic battle in "Six Flying Dragons" is so ridiculously one-sided that there was barely even any point to showing it.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 21

    Now that Seong-gye has decided to actively and forcefully move against the current Goryeo regime, the main obstacle in his way is...more obstacles.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 20

    There's very little in the way of characterization or political plotting this episode as the entire runtime winds down to the single pivotal event that ends up changing the course of Korean history- Seong-gye's decision to finally put his foot down and say "no" to the boss.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 19

    King Woo (played by Lee Hyeon-bae) only just now makes his appearance this episode. There's good reason for this- King Woo does not have what anyone could really call serious political talent.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 18

    Straightaway the immediate important conflict of "Six Flying Dragons" is put to an end with a suitably epic swordfight.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 17

    After Bang-won's daring move last episode, there's not really much left to do but hunt In-bang down.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 16

    Minister Hong (played by Jeon No-min) is at present the major antagonist of "Six Flying Dragons".

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 15

    I've mentioned it before and it bears repeating- the excitement level of any individual scene in "Six Flying Dragons" is directly proportional to how many dragons are present

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 14

    Now that the loyalties have more-or-less been clearly cemented, it's time for the "Six Flying Dragons" to get to work.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 13

    The opening portion of this episode clearly establishes that, at least for the moment, Bang-won has managed to learn some badly needed humility.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 12

    For all practical intents and purposes Bang-won has become a damsel-in-distress. In this way he indirectly manages to become the impetus for Do-jeon and Seong-gye to finally join forces, creating a rather mixed metaphor.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 11

    In-gyeom (played by Choi Jong-won) is the main antagonist of "Six Flying Dragons" for the foreseeable future. The pacing in this drama isn't as fast as I was expecting.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 10

    The episode starts out as a standard victory lap, because it seems like everything is going great. At least that's what it seems like from Bang-won's somewhat aloof onlooker status. What Bang-won isn't aware of is that Do-jeon's plans work from very minute calculations, and even unexpected help in the short term can cause major problems in the long term. Do-jeon needs moral authority more than anything else, and Bang-won undermines that.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 9

    Yeon-hee (played by Jeong Yoo-mi) was, at first glance, just Ttang-sae's motivation to become involved in the fight against Goryeo. But since the timeskip, we keep getting brief glimpses of her in a very important role- information mover. "Six Flying Dragons" very correctly recognizes that the women of history were far from helpless. Information is at a premium in an age where messages can easily be intercepted and subverted. That's a pretty big deal considering how everything hinges on the outcome of incredibly complicated plans.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 8

    Early on this episode an interesting question is posed that ends up saying a lot about the motivation of several of the dragons. Why Seong-gye? Sure, the guy has honor and morality. But to date he's been pretty determined to defend the Goryeo state now matter how obviously terrible it is. Paradoxically, it's actually Seong-gye's sense of submission that makes him an ideal candidate. He has an iron resolve but no personal ambition. Anyone who has ever met Seong-gye has a strong impression of his moral character. Except Bang-won anyway.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 7

    Incremental progress is made toward the characters finally catching up with the plot. I can't help but find it a little amusing that Do-jeon is the main character actually doing stuff, and yet he's also constantly out of focus because, well, because the younger characters haven't gotten that far yet. But then he's not the only one. Seong-gye finally makes an important appearance having been out of action for so long, and the scene is telling.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 6

    Yeong-gyoo is Bang-won's bodyguard, and also one of the more underrated characters in "Six Flying Dragons". Sure, the guy's not a dragon. But he has very basic observational skills.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 5

    For the first time "Six Flying Dragons" feels like it's about six completely different main characters. That's not a good thing- the mood whiplash gets pretty severe as we have to jump from the usual horrific grimness to comic relief, sometimes in the same scene. If anyone's to blame for this it's Muhyul .

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 4

    The ending of the last episode was gloomy, and the denouement we get here is almost enough to make us consider that maybe Bang-won has gone too far. Ttang-sae is given a brief respite from destiny, but then we see what happens to those who don't fight the Goryeo regime as Bang-won did. They get crushed anyway.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 3

    The apparent resolution of the political situation at the end of the last episode is quickly revealed to be only a temporary fix. The deranged people still control Goryeo, and predictably react to these setbacks through cruel, mindless, pointless torture.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 2

    Do-jeon is the most politically important of the "Six Flying Dragons". He doesn't become royalty, and without spoiling too much, Do-jeon is in many ways fighting an overall losing battle. But in the immediate sense, his goals are the same as Yi Seong-gye- Do-jeon wants to avoid war.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 1

    Immediately prior to the Joseon era Korea was kind of a giant hot mess. "Six Flying Dragons" doesn't get into too many details on how or why this happened. All that's known is that General Yi Seong-gye is a capable leader who appears to be the target of constant attempted subversion precisely because he is a capable leader