Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

Other name: 이민호; 李敏鎬; I Minho; Yi Min-ho

Birthday: June 22, 1987

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)

Weight: 152 lbs. (69 kg)

Blood Type: A

Education: B.A. Film & Arts

Plot Summary:

At age 25, Lee Min Ho has already gained a lot of fame. He made his first drama debut in 2003 when he played a small role in Sharp I. He then appeared in many dramas like Nonstop 5 (2005), Love Hymn (2005), Catch a Kang Nam Brother (2007), Mackerel Run (2007), Get Up (2008), Boys Over Flowers (2009), Personal Taste (2010).

He is most well-known for his hit action drama, City Hunter (2011), where he plays the lead role. He has received many awards, recognition for his exceptional role in City Hunter. He also made two films in 2008; Public Enemy Returns,, Our School E.T.

Min Ho currently stars in another TV drama, Faith, which started airing in August. Faith is an epic fantasy, where Lee plays a warrior from the 1300’s. When the queen gets injured he travels through time to find a doctor to save the queen. During his interview on One Night of TV Entertainment, Min Ho commented that he lost 15 pounds in one month due to the filming of Faith, where there were a lot of fighting scenes. He returned to the "rich high school alpha male" role that made him a star in Boys Over Flowers for Heirs (2013), where he played the irresistible Kim Tan

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